A unique take on the roguelite genre, TBA Q4 2023


An original IP that has been in pre-production since early 2021.

Rad Rocket

Robots have invented rocket jumping and they need you to test it for them! Use your experimental rocket launcher and make your way up from their secret underground facility all the way up to the surface and beyond! Get ready for over 2500 meters of precision platforming, rocket explosions and smooth jazz. You will experience a whole lot of failing, falling and getting back up again through seven different zones in this punishing precision platformer.

No savescumming, no checkpoints… NO MERCY!

Project SWAT

An alpha release for Project SWAT was slated to be released in 2022 with a vertical slice being completed in 2021, however after consideration we have found that the game no longer aligned with our future overall vision and goals. As such this project was put on an indefinite hold.